Saturday, December 13, 2008

i feel apple company releasing it's itunes 8.0.2 with out proper testing

i am having apple ipod classic 160GB , i had updated my tunes on 11th of December 2008 with the itunes 8.0.2, which has been released earlier i the month of November, but to my fascination my ipod is recognised neither by the by the itunes nor by the windows. windows beeps(sounds ) that the ipod is plugged in, but is not being shown it i the my computer nor in the itunes.

when i searched the web for remedy, many of the users s having the same problem, till date i have been of opinion that the apple company products shall stand 1st in the quality of the services provided but with the agony i faced for 2 days, now i feel apple company is not an exception to other companies in offering miseries to its customers

ok i feel it is very important of how to solve this
the problem is with itunes 8.o.2 only and not with the earlier one,
and even if u tend to uninstall the apple mobile device driver from add remove programs, then the ipod tends to be recognized by the windows, ( visible in My computer )
but to totally solve the problem, totally uninstall all the apple products, i mean apple itunes, quick time, and the mobile device driver and then install the previous versin 8.0.1
you can find that here

this shall solve your problem

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