Monday, November 30, 2009

Review on nokia n 97

Nokia n 97 a mobile with qwerty keyboard ,the word every one SAYS but
i feel its elegance is no just a qwerty but there are a lot and lots,
i fear i may not be able to quote all its reputed features, this is
what i feel now , but i was of the feeling totally reverse to this few
weeks before, telling and campaigning its waste of your precious mony
& time in going for nokia
n 97 all this change is because of 2 reasons
1. the update of the software from 12.0 to 20.0 ,
2. the java update for the mobile it has fastened my mobile like any thing
3. though this should never br tried and if at all at their own risk :
accidentally fall of my mobile from a height of 5 feet , this has mada
the mobile's auto rotate function work well , for which i have
contacted nokia care people thrice and in the same issue it was even
sent back to factory which has not solved the issue
Now my nokia N 97 is rocking thanks to nokia for making such a great peice

Monday, May 4, 2009

Biomedical waste Disposal

Color of bag

Type of container

Waste type


Disposal mode


Plastic bag

Biological waste, { Human ( 1 ) , Animal( 2  ), Microbial & biotechnology ( 3 ) ,Blood & fluid contaminated non biological substances ( 6 ) }

1 , 2 , 3 & 6

Incineration, deep burial,



Microbial & biotechnology wastes ( 3 ) , Blood & fluid contaminated non biological substances ( 6 ) , non sharp disposable substances( 7 )

3 , 6 , 7

Autoclave, microwave, chemical treatment

Blue/white transculent

Bag/puncture proof container

Disposable nonsharps ( 7 ) & sharps ( 4 )

4 & 7

Autoclave, microwave, chemical treatment , destruction & shredding


Plastic bag

Discarded & outdated drugs ( 5 ) , ash from incinerator ( 9 ) , chemicals: disinfectants, insecticides ( 10 )

5 , 9 , 10

Land fill


Incidence & prevalence





Only new cases

Old + new

Prevalence = incidence X duration of illness


Type of epidemic

Epdemic curve

Other imp points


Point source

Sharp raise and shar fall

  1. All cases With in 1 incubation period
  2. Epidemic is explosive

Bhopal gas tragedy, food poisoning

Vector born diseasest

Soft tick: QRS : Q fever, relapsing fever , soft tick

Hard tick :tick typhus, viral encephalitis, viral hemorrhagic fever, KFD, Tularemia, tick paralysis, human babesiosis

Mites: itch mite: scabies

: trombiculid mite: scrub typhus, ricketsial pox

Typhus: epidemic typhus: louse

   : endemic ( or ) murine  typhus: rat flea

   : scrub typhus: tromboculid mite

   : tick typhus: hard tick

Louse: PTR:  ePidemic Typhus , Trench fever, Relapsing fever

Relapsing fever: soft tick & louse

Vector born diseases

Type of mosquito



Malaria, filaria ( not in India )


Bancroftian filariasis, japanese encephalitis,

West Nile fever, viral arthritis


Yellow fever, dengue, chikungunya, rift valley fever,



Malayan( brugian ) filariasis, chikungunya

Source: table 5 page no: 626 park 19th edition

Vector born diseases




Malaria, filaria ( not in India )


  1. Bancroftian filariasis,
  2.  japanese encephalitis,
  3. West Nile fever,
  4.  viral arthritis


  1. Yellow fever,
  2.  dengue,
  3. chikungunya,
  4. rift valley fever,
  5. filaria


  1. Malayan( brugian ) filariasis,
  2.  chikungunya

Sand fly

  1. Kala azar,
  2. oriental sores,
  3. oriental fever,
  4. sand fly fever

Tse-Tse fly

African sleeping sickness


  1. PTR:  ePidemic Typhus ,
  2. Trench fever,
  3. Relapsing fever,
  4. Pediculosis

Rat flea

  1. Bubonic plague,
  2. Endemic Plague,
  3. Chiggerosis,
  4.  hymenolepis diminuta

Black fly


Reduvid Bug

Chaga's disease

Hard tick

  1. Tick typhus,
  2. viral encephalitis,
  3. viral hemorrhagic fever,
  4. KFD,
  5. Tularemia,
  6. tick paralysis,
  7. human babesiosis

Soft Tick

  1. QRS : Q fever,
  2. Relapsing fever ,
  3. Soft tick

Thrombiculoid Mite

  1. Scrub Typhus,
  2. Ricketsial Pox

Itch Mite



  1. Guinea worm,
  2. fish tape worm


Saturday, May 2, 2009

My experience with dell care

i think dell care is messing their customers up, i have faced a lot of troubles with those damn dell care people for ordering a AC adapter for the Inspiron E1505. i ordered it on 27 -04 2009, and the quotation was sent on the same day, and i made the Telephonic payment next day, the order was placed with the sales person amarjeet sond. that da he was so polite and considerate in making the order , but i don't find his sincerity in completing the sale.

as per the dell procedure after making the payment, the order has to be confirmed by the same sales person to whom the order is made. but to my surprise my order is not confirmed by that great amarjeet for 2 days, and am unable to reach him either by mail or by phone. and when i call dell care they make liste to their boring tring tring, for at least 100 times and the phone hangs up.

added to this is the another misery i clearly said my mobile number and address , and made them repeat the same. but the address i was sent in the quotation was different , i made the correction at the time of the payment , but am very much worried of the delivering address and hence i was making calls to contact the dell care people, but in vain

i shall narrate how the process has gone:

1st day i called: i took to an executive who listened to my trouble for few minutes and told me to talk to amarjeet

then they tried to contact hi and the same boring tring tring.....

next day i called them they tld that on the may 1st its a holiday and so to call on monday...

again i called them to let them know of my fear of placing the order to some one else...

they simply told that what ever can be done , can only be done by amarjeet.

and right now am waiting fr that great marjeet to know which adress thay have placed the order.