Monday, November 30, 2009

Review on nokia n 97

Nokia n 97 a mobile with qwerty keyboard ,the word every one SAYS but
i feel its elegance is no just a qwerty but there are a lot and lots,
i fear i may not be able to quote all its reputed features, this is
what i feel now , but i was of the feeling totally reverse to this few
weeks before, telling and campaigning its waste of your precious mony
& time in going for nokia
n 97 all this change is because of 2 reasons
1. the update of the software from 12.0 to 20.0 ,
2. the java update for the mobile it has fastened my mobile like any thing
3. though this should never br tried and if at all at their own risk :
accidentally fall of my mobile from a height of 5 feet , this has mada
the mobile's auto rotate function work well , for which i have
contacted nokia care people thrice and in the same issue it was even
sent back to factory which has not solved the issue
Now my nokia N 97 is rocking thanks to nokia for making such a great peice

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