Sunday, April 15, 2007

Heinz bodies

Heinz bodies

Heinz bodies are misshapen circulating red blood cells with inclusions of denatured haemoglobin due to oxidative damage.

They may be seen in conditions such as glucose-6- phosphatase deficiency , α-thalassemia and after splenectomy

Heinz bodies are formed by damage to the hemoglobin component molecules, usually through oxidations, which causes the damaged molecules to precipitate and damage the cell membrane. Damaged cells are attacked by macrophages in the spleen, where the precipitate and damaged membrane is removed, leading to characteristic " bite cells". The denaturing process is irreversible and the continual elimination of damaged cells leads to Heinz body anemia

Heinz bodies , Heinz-Ehrlich bodies coccoid inclusion bodies resulting from oxidative injury to and precipitation of hemoglobin, seen in the presence of abnormal hemoglobins such as Hb H, Hb Köln, etc. and in erythrocytes with enzyme deficiencies. Refractile in fresh blood smears, they are not visible when stained with Romanowsky dyes but may be stained supravitally. .

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